M.E. OHS + A Bit of Religion

Thursday’s WOD:
Overhead Squat
3-2-1-1  (post 1RM for OHS)

Rest 5 minutes

“Kneel, Squat and Say Grace” adapted from Coach Rut (CrossFit KC)

Using 50% of your 1RM OHS from the 1st part of today’s WOD, complete the following for time:

15 PC&J+Pushups
10 air squats
12 PC&J+ Pushups
20 air squats
   9 PC&J+ Pushups
30 air squats

Post time to complete the metcon

PC&J + Pushup is a Power Clean and Jerk, but when you put the bar down on the ground between reps, execute a push up (hands on the floor for the pushup)


Please show up to class on time/early.  This is especially important on days with an M.E. element (lifting…like today and yesterday).  We’d like to get everyone a quick review of the movements/explanation of the WOD (regardless of the WOD) 15 minutes into the class (i.e. warm up for 15 minutes) to allow the WOD to start 20 minutes into the class.  We appreciate it!

This one looks good. Give it a shot (even though i’m not one for cold soups…i’ll probably heat mine up).

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