M.E. Split Jerk

Friday’s Warmup:

Dynamic Joint warmup (left side of board)
5 HSPU (scale as required)
5 Squats (slow on way down and up, full range of motion, focus on control and lumbar)
4 regular pushups
4 Squats (slow on way down, bit faster on way up)
3 ring dips (scale as required)
3 Squats (slow on way down, explosive on way up)
5 x split jerk with PVC
5 x split jerk with empty bar (2 sets)
5 x split jerk with slightly heavier loading
3 x split jerk with heavier loading
Friday’s WOD
Split Jerk
3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1
Check blog tomorrow for Saturday’s Beach WOD overview.
Don’t forget the CFHR Cookout at Jim and Diane’s. Details under news and announcements!
Short and sweet tonight…just the fats ma’am.

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