M.E. Thruster, Tuesday June 2nd

Tuesday’s WOD:


You CAN start from the rack.  This is an M.E. day.  Take 2-3 minutes between efforts.

Sorry no profile tonight, i’ve gotta hit the sack.  However, here are a couple of good reads.
We’ve had a ton of athletes asking about their progress, and judging it primarily by the scale.  Remember that most of the changes you will make with CrossFit and solid nutrition are in the form of body composition.  This may not mean massive weight loss initially.  It kind of depends.  There are 2 really easy ways, however, to derail/sabbatoge your path to Fitness:  
1.  Not enough SLEEP (9 hours in a pitch black room)
We’ll go into this much more in the June 13th Nutrition Seminar.  SAVE THE DATE!!!
Don’t forget the new lunchtime classes!  Turnout was nil for 11am and light for 12.  It’s a great chance to avoid the 5pm rush and  to work with Justin!

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