M Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tuesday’s WOD:

Tabata 800m run

Run 800m using intervals of 20 seconds of POSE form sprinting followed by 10 seconds rest.  You must stop (completely) for the 10 seconds.  
Go to the CrossFit Endurance webpage.  Take a look at the videos on the left side.  We’ll discuss POSE briefly prior to the running and do a couple of exercises to reinforce efficient and safe running form.
CFHR Biggest Loser update:
The stage is set.  The teams are forming.  The smack-talk has begun.  The official announcement date will be this Friday.  At that point, you will receive instructions for getting your body comp measurements and starting the competition.  If you are in need of a teammate, post a comment to let people know how to contact you.  The prizes will be worth it, the benefits to your health will be worth it.  Below is a glimpse into the Dave and Jim TEAM PT.  Ben, were you even born when this happened?  

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