Maintaining Good Posture at Work: Neck and Shoulder Stretches For the Office. Thur, Sept 23d (100 DOB Day 85)

Elbows high and out allow safe, full range of motion during the SDHP

Tabata Mixup. Alternate between these 2 exercises every round for 8 total rounds:

Level 2 use 20 sec work, 10 sec rest
Deadlift (255/175)

Level 1 use 20 sec work, 40 sec rest (just skip a cycle every round, you will finish after Level 2)
Deadlift (185/115)

Post WOD mobility: neck/shoulders. Checkout the statement at the end of the video. K-Star addresses siting at a desk all day and the “slow death” associated with poor shoulder, neck and cervical spine positioning. In addition checking your posture occasionally, get up, walk around and sneak in some hip mobilization during your day. Nothing gets a conversation started like throwing your leg up on a desk.

LIVE STRONG and Mobile!!

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