March Athlete of the Month, Thur April 1st

Jay J.  CFHR Athlete of the Month:  March 2010!
Jay epitomizes the spirit of CFHR.  He is a TEAM PLAYER.  He quietly hammers out the Workout of the Day (often with one of the top scores), encourages other athletes, then quietly sits and observes. He sharpens his eyes, refining his own movement and skills by observing and helping others.  Jay has also been one of the most bold and independent athletes in seeking out nutritional paths to optimize his health and performance.  Our gym test “rat” for putting on mass with milk, and then months of nothing (literally nothing) but meat and veggies.   He knows his body, he knows his performance.  He is dialed in to others and instills a quiet energy and unmistakable sense of cameraderie in the box.  Jay placed 2nd in our Affiliate Team Tryouts and his well-rounded skills will be pivotal to our team’s success in Ohio.  Congrats Jay, your $50 Gift Certificte to is at the box!
If you’d like to post a comment of encouragement for Jay, please do.  I’ll get them moderated and up as soon as I can.

For time:
Skill Level 2:  100 Inverted Burpees
Skill Level 1: 50 Rollbacks to donkey kick (last exercise in this video).

Inverted burpees can be done freestanding (as in video) or up against the wall for the handstand.

The Level 1 “rollback to donkey kick” is essentially an inverted burpee, but instead of going into a handstand, you’re kicking both feet up and away aggressively.

TOMORROW (FRI) is the LAST Group WOD in our current location.  The move happens Sat morning at 9am.  We appreciate all the volunteers…this should happen pretty quick.
The new location is 104 Production Dr, Yorktown.  It’s on Hwy 17, 1/2 mile south of Victory, right behind Dominion Floors.


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