ME Deadlift / DUs, Wednesday, 22 April

Wednesday’s WOD:

Rest 2-3 minutes between efforts

5 minutes after completing last set:
Max Double Unders in 3 minutes

Take 2-3 sets to warm up with light weight in deadlift.  Your first set of 3 should be at approximately 70% of your estimated 3 rep max.
I really like M.E. days at CFHR.  First, it is very satisfying, regardless of your background or fitness interests, to walk away at the end of a max effort workout and say, “holy crap, i just put up that much weight.”  I kind of carry that satisfaction with me throughout the day.  No matter what B.S. happens at work, i’ve conquered that weight.  Second, I love the banter that goes on.  People aren’t  heaving on the ground ready to vomit, so there’s tons of great conversation…not treadmill globo gym B.S., but just good interaction.  
We look forward to you seeing you all (our athletes and friends) tomorrow!

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