Medicare+Gluten+USDA=Me Cynical. Mon Jun 7th

Photo by Christine W.

1.  Pick 2 different elements from the right side of the board to work on
2.  3 hurdle change of direction drill (click on the upper left video thumbnail).  Use cones or parallettes for this.  Do it as many times as you deem necessary to get comfortable with it.  Share with another athlete.
3.  3 sets of 8 high speed burpees.  Rest 10 slow deliberate breathes between sets.

Front Squat
   5 @ 60%
   3 @ 70%
   1 @ 80%
   AMRAP @ 85%


Tabata Mix up (alternate through all 3 exercises each round for 8 rounds)) 
   Hang Power Clean (135/95)
   Loaded pushups (loading of your choice…vest or bumpers on back).
   ABMAT Situps (unanchored)

Example:  Round 1  = 20s of HPC, rest 10s, 20s of loaded pushups, rest 10s, 20s of ABMAT situps
This is a 12 minute workout with 8 minutes of actual work.


We are 3-year members at Costco.  We primarily get berries, broccoli and eggs there (although the Port Warwick Farmer’s market is starting to be our main source of eggs).  Along with the membership comes a monthly publication, “Costco Connection.”  This month’s edition has an article titled “A pain in the gut– Celiac disease: an illness on the rise.”  While it’s great to see the deleterious effects of gluten being publicized, this article’s direction (like nearly every mainstream publication’s) is focused on Celiac as a rare genetic severe sensitivity to gluten.  The issue (as you’ve heard me mention….EVERY DAY) is that to some extent, we are all sensitive to gluten.  The genetic aspect of this falls in the realm of an environmental trigger (in this case gluten) being required to express an allele.  Some people’s guts are more resistant to the damages of gluten…but all this means is that it takes longer for the effects to show.  Eventually, the damage done by gluten (leaky gut, damaged villi) leads to a chain effect of autoimmune disfunction.  So why would Celiac disease be on the rise?  Well, it could be because more cases are diagnosed because Docs are becoming more aware of it’s prevalence, and hence testing for it more.  Or it could be that more gluten-containing foods are eaten earlier in life and in greater quantities, wearing down the gut lining faster.  Either way, the bottom line is that Gluten is damaging to all humans.  However, check out the following quote from the Costco article,

“A gluten-free diet helps intestines heal and prevents further damage.  Green cautions that people shouldn’t eliminate gluten without having a confirmed celiac diagnosis.  And following a gluten-free diet when it’s not medically warranted means making radical dietary changes that are unnecessary, expensive and highly restrictive, says Nehra.”

FYI, Green is Dr Peter Green, professor of clinical medicine at Columbia University and Nehra is a Mayo clinic gastroenterologist. 
Wow.  Really? 
A doctor “cautions” against eliminating gluten.  Just google “Gluten Benefits,” and all you’ll get are the benefits of a Gluten Free diet.  Gluten is used for food preparation purposes (giving that doughy texture to the crap called “Grain-based foods” that are the basis of the USDA MyPyramid).  Only good can come from dropping Gluten. 
I guess dropping gluten is radical for the modern diet, but so was the idea that cigarettes are dangerous in 1940.  2.5 million years of gluten NOT being a significant (or even existant) part of the human diet…10,000 years of gluten…that’s four-tenths of one percent of our evolutionary timeline that we’ve regularly consumed gluten.  And holy crap…in those 10,000 years we get a slew of autoimmune diseases that become commonplace.  Oh, it’s probably  just all the saturated fat we eat that causes those diseases (for those of you new to this blog, to the concept of Evolutionary diet, or to me…that was sarcasm)
GLUTEN = GUT IRRITATION = INFLAMMATION + AUTOIMMUNE RESPONSE + MALABSORPTION OF MACRO AND MICRO NUTRIENTS = MODERN DISEASE.  Holy crap people.  I’m sorry, but warning people not to eat a gluten free diet because it’s expensive is like telling someone to use 87 Octane in a brand new Lamborghini because the 92 Octane is more expensive.  You don’t buy the expensive car then fuel it with the cheapest shit on the market.  No, you pay for the good stuff that keeps it running well.  Your body is infinitely more complex than a Lamborghini and your body is priceless.  The extra cash I spend on food each month to shop at a farmers market, to buy organic, to buy grassfed and to NOT buy processed shit/grains/legumes, etc… is MORE than paid back in my general lack of ilness, my ability to play with my kids and enjoy life.  I can save $100 a month now in groceries, but I  really don’t feel like supporting the next Wilford Brimmely “Diabeeetiiisss” company in 10 years because of that money saved.  I intend to be ZERO load on the medical system dammit.  I abhor paying Medicare taxes for A-Holes that feel Krispy Cream is healthy because it has whole grain in it and all natural fruit filling, or that Fruit Loops are a “great source of Fiber.”  AAAAAHHHHHHHH. 

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