MM Monday, 30 March 2009

Monday’s WOD:

5 rounds:
Row 1 minute (for meters)
1 minute of Double Unders (for reps)
rest 2 minutes

We’ll have the interval timer set for 1 minute.  Partner up on a rower.  When the first person is done with their double unders and starts their 2 minutes of rest, the other person starts rowing.
Post meters per round and reps per round to comments or Beyond the Whiteboard (BTW).
If you’re having issues getting on BTW, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll get if figured out.
Rob found one more GREAT rebuttal to the meat causes cancer “study” published last week.  Why can’t evolutionary-based diet principles make the headlines?  Because it counters the big-industry food principles (money powers it, not interest in health).

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