Mobility. Friday, Aug 27th (100 DOB, Day 58)

Rob, thank you for pointing out K-Star’s Mobility WODs blog. This is an EXCELLENT, simple, visual-aid-dense resource for improving mobility and hence performance.

Today’s WOD:
1. DJM warmup
2. Pick a lower-body-centric skill. Try it out for a few minutes
3. Perform the Mobility exercises below (there are 3 of them with a total time of 26 minutes). DON’T CUT YOURSELF SHORT
4. Re-perform the skill from #2. Did the mobility work help?

Mobility 1: Deep Squat. Hold a deep squat (can use assistance for balance) for 10 total cumulative minutes. Ensure weight is on heels the entire time. You can relax your back…it’s ok to hunch over. Relax your hips and settle into the squat over time. Shift from side-to-side. When you stand up at the end or between squats, ensure you PULL YOUR KNEES BACK (shins vertical) with weight on the heels. Don’t just stand straight up.

Mobility 2: Front of Hips. This one is tough. It will be painful for most…hang with it. Do each portion of the stretch for 2 minutes on each leg. So that’s a total of 4 minutes per leg. Don’t be afraid to break up the 2 minutes. On my left leg, I could only manage 45 seconds the first time.

Mobility 3: Calf Stretch. Hold 4 minutes on each calf (2 minutes per exercise per leg)

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