Mon, Jan 4th

How’s Your Reception? Can you hear me now?

New Year, New Week, New Training Cycle. M.E. for next 3 weeks is Shoulder Press and Deadlift. I encourage you to do a few maintenance lifts (2-3 sets of 3-5) of Back Squat and Power Clean. Feel free to do this after a WOD or on Friday’s Skill test day (non-interference with main WOD please)

CrossFit WOD:
5 rounds for total working time:

10 ring dips
15 pullups
20 GHD situps
25 box jump (20″/14″)
Rest 2 minutes

RX = arms locked at beginning and end of each ring dip rep. GHD = both hands touch ground overhead, hands touch pads or feet at top. Box Jump = full knee and hip extension at top of jump (on box or as jumping off).

POST your total working time (total time on clock minus 8 minutes)


3 rounds for time:

10 Bed Ball Deadlift

7 burpees


Fit-To-Be-Bare Nutrition Academics: Wed, Jan 6th and Fri, Jan 8th both at 7:30pm. Please bring your $30 entry fee. Remember, male and female winners split the pot. 30 participants = $450 for each winner!!!

Great Olympic Lifting Resource found by Meegs. On the right side, click on the Lift you want to analyze. On the new page that appears, select a video on the right to watch, then step through the frames. Good stuff.


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