Monday, Dec 28th

Weekly Warmup

2 Rounds
10 second L-sit (cumulative time)…scale as required. Watch video for scaling
10 x 5-count Hip Extensions (pause 1 second at top, 2 seconds down, no pause at bottom, 2 seconds up)
5 x 5-count empty bar OHS (2 seconds down, 1 second pause at bottom, 2 seconds up, no pause at top)
Warmup the WOD movements
CrossFit WOD
For Time:
21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 of:
V-Ups (RX = touch TOES with straight legs, not shins or ankles)
Wallball shots (20#/14#)
For time:
Row 200M

21-15-9 (Dumbbell Push Press, ABMAT situp)
Row 200M

Registration for the 2010 CrossFit Games Central East Sectionals is now open. Click HERE to register and read more. Even if you plan on trying for the affiliate team or not going for the games at all, competition is a great way to focus your training and test yourself. Let us know if you’ve registered.
A special thanks to Rob for getting the second WOD tracker board up and for helping rearrange the place a bit this weekend.
Starting with the new year, we’ll implement the CrossFit Seattle (Level 4 CrossFit) Skill Assessment charts. It’s a great way to set goals and assess progress. Below is the chart showing the skills associated with each chart. This will be up in the gym this week for your review. With the new year, there will be a file cabinet with alphabetized folders in it. You decide which Skill Level you’d like to start at. Each Friday will be a Skill Test day. You must have a trainer witness your effort for it to count. You can test as many skills in one day as you’d like. The first few Friday’s will be busy! Once you’ve signed off all skills in that level, you will progress to the next level and start hacking away at those goals. In the skill chart, the “Military Press” is just the Shoulder Press we always do.

We encourage EVERY athlete to get a small spiral notebook to start tracking your workouts and progress. It’s a great memory jogger for the M.E. days and to note how you felt that day. We’ll have a few cabinet drawers just for people’s Logbooks.

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