Monday November 29

 Gene works on his extreme balance skills.  Notice the focus on his face.  He’d been holding this position for 3 minutes at the time of the photo.  Actually, nice body position during a clapping pushup.
Group Warmup

5-8 mins of shoulder mobility
*Coach will pick 3-4 mobility exercises

Push Press

rest 5 mins

3 rounds for time:
25 KB/DB swings
25 burpees



Alright, so I got an e-mail at work last week (that’s an understatement, I got about 500 e-mails at work last week, but only one I want to share with you).  It’s so great when organizations provide you “tips” for your everyday life.  Here’s a snippet of what I got:

“Hi All,  please take a minute to check out the attached report. There’s some interesting and helpful info in there… everything from info on College grants, to nutrition tips (an EASY way to lose 10 pounds a year), to parenting tips…”

This would normally be an auto-delete for me, but my curiosity was prodding me.  Crap, have i been going about health and fitness the wrong way….I could get people to lose 10 lbs a year with just one simple tip.  So I opened the attached document and, with intrepid anticipation, scrolled down looking for the miracle nutrition tip.  Here’s what I found….make sure no one is watching, because this is so good, you don’t want anyone else to learn your secret:

“Nutrition Tip of the Week – Use Fat –Free Milk and lose up to 10 pounds a year!
Use fat–free milk instead of whole cream in your coffee to save calories every day and lose up to 10 pounds a year. For more information on making healthy and nutritious food choices, check out …”

Oh hell.  Once again, someone (or some organization that will remain unnamed), most likely guided by a traditional Dietitian’s guidance, has fallen into the mindset that, “if only these lazy people would just cut out 20 calories per day, then in 1 year, they’d lose 10 lbs…but they’re all weak-willed, so they’re fat.”  How naive to think the human body is so simple as to be able to eat this/burn that and it all balances out.  Dr Matt LaLonde likened it to comparing the human body to a bomb calorimeter (for chemistry geeks out there).  It just isn’t so simple.  When someone brings this topic up, I usually end up discussing food quality and the influence certain food types have on our hormonal patterns and hence, fat storage or useage.  But I also ask them something simple like, “so if you’re keeping a meal-by-meal food log for 1 year, counting calories in everything you take in, and you get the flu so you throw up a few time, or you have diarrhea so you don’t absorb the nutrients from what you ate, do you adjust your food log to show fewer calories on those days?  What about the days where you’re at a party and you eat a bit more?  Do the flu days counteract the party days?”  If only it were so simple…actually, that sounds painfully not simple to me.
I once listened to a registered dietitian, teaching a course on weight loss, give the following anecdote (Meegs, hold back your anger), “one time, I was running on a treadmill at the gym.  I burned 500 calories, later that day, at the store, I saw an Otis Spunkmier Muffin.  I normally don’t eat those, but since I had burned 500 calories earlier, and the muffin was 500 calories, I knew I could do it because I wouldn’t gain any weight. ”   AAAAAAHHHHHHHH.  I bit my tongue during that class, but the poor attendees of that class spent 2 hours learning how to track/balance calories and absolutely zero about how the food they ate affected how they felt and how they looked.  They learned “techniques” to control their uncontrollable, shamefully insufficient willpower that kept throwing of their caloric balance on their caloric restriction diets.  The math equations just all looked so good and made so much sense.  Just eat less people…come on, it’s just so simple…right?  And they were learning from one of the recognized authorities on what we “should be” eating.  Damn…Damn….Damn shame.

“Hey you, yes you, please, put down the calculator, please, step away from the skim milk, slowly walk towards the light and away from the USDA MyPyramid…we can save you…we can help.”

Can I get an “Amen”.  And can I get some “Bacon!” No seriously, I’m gonna go cook some bacon.

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