Monday Test 2

Group Warmup
10 empty bar backsquat
10 empty bar push jerk from back rack
10 empty bar snatch balance
Build to a 3RM Overhead Squat in 15 mins

Rest 5 minutes, then:

TEST #2: Anaerobic Lactic, Multiple Modalities. 
This the first of a series of 3 tests that will have work periods between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.  They’ll get longer each week.
For Total points (see scoring below)

  • 30 Sec AMRAP Burpees (jump & land on 45lb bumper) each rep
  • Rest 1 minutes
  • 30 Sec AMRAP Wallball shots (20lb/14lb) Men, ball must go completely ABOVE line, for ladies any part of ball must touch the line
  • Rest 1 minutes
  • 30 Sec AMRAP Box Jump (24/20in). Must STEP down from box each rep (no jump off)
  • Rest 1 minutes
  • 30 Sec AMRAP Pullups (if you use a band, no points for this interval…but still do it)
  • Rest 1 minutes
  • 30 Sec Row for  Average Wattage – (points for this interval = [Avg Watt/Bodyweight]*10)

Post Total Score as: Bodyweight // Reps+Reps+Reps+Reps+Row points= Total
Example: 170lbs // 24+13+15+28+29 = 109


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