Monkey Butt – Monday, April 20th

Monday’s WOD (courtesy of parkour fanatic Jeff H.) 

3 Rounds for time per round
1 min rest between rounds
400M row
10 pullups
20 Box Jump (guys 24″ box with 2 x 45# bumpers / ladies 24″ box)
20 Burpees
After last round, “QM” full length of the gym.

Full hip extension at the top of the box jump

A glimpse of parkour (aka how to run from the cops…Jean, you’ve increased your speed and all, but….man).

We are often asked about supplements, multivitamins etc.  We only promote those supplements that we feel, through many years of reading and discussing with the experts, are right for setting the foundation for health for the majority of people (fish oil, a high-quality Methylated B-complex and Vitamin C to name a few).  Here is a great read from Mark’s Daily Apple regarding reasoning behind supplementation.   

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