MUD RUN RESULTS, Wed Aug 11th (100 DOB Day 42)

The CFHR Mud Run Athletes.  GREAT WORK!!!
For total reps (1 cal = 1 rep)
Double-length Tabata mixup:
8 cycles at 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off of the following exercises.  You will do all three exercises each cycle  (see example below).
Box Jump (30″/24″)
Row (any damper)
Double Unders
So cycle 1 consists of:
  40s of Box Jump
  rest 20s
  40s of Rowing
  rest 20s
  40s of Double Unders
Post your TOTAL REP COUNT (1 calorie on the rower = 1 rep,  If you do singles, divide by 4 to get points equivalent for doubles)
It doesn’t matter what exercise you start on.  With 6 stations of each exercise, we could have 18 athletes going at 1 time.

ANOTHER GREAT SHOWING BY CFHR AT THE ASYMCA MUD RUN. A very big thank you to Bryan B. for organizing the teams, getting the shirts and making this another great year for CFHR.  And thank you to all the CFHR athletes who showed up to support our competitors.

This year we had 2 teams compete. Part of the scoring criteria for teams is that all team members must cross the finish line within 5 seconds of eachother. Both our teams succeeded in doing this, which shows a lot about the tight knit gym we have. Based on other teams being disqualified for not finishing together, here are our team results:

CFHR Team #1 overall 10th place out of 65 CO-ED teams: ERIC M, DOUG G, JESSICA N, BRYAN B, ANGELA H
CFHR Team #2 overall 21st place out of 65 CO-ED teams: DAVE S, BRANDI S, JESSI W, MARY S, TRAVIS M.

And more great results from our age group competitors:
Nicole, 5th place out of 88 competitors (30-34 age group)
Gabi L, 3rd place out of 15 competitors (45-49 age group)
Mike L, 7th place out of 28 competitors (50-54 age group)
Kevin C, 1st place (45-49 age group)
Mike V (can’t find your results Mike)

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