New Place, New Beginning, Monday, April 5th

Checkout our new digs!!!

Nicole and I cannot express how grateful we are to all of you for your tireless efforts on Saturday.  We got the old place packed up and cleaned up (better shape that when we moved in) in 2 hours.  We got set up in the new place in about 3 hours.  This reinforced the fact that every athlete in our gym has a vested interesti not only their own well-being, but the well-being of the gym and those around them.  This is a tight family and it will remain that way.  It’ll take a month or so till we’re all used to the new place and where things are, but either way, it’s nice to have all that room.  All rollers and stretching/cooldown stuff is up on the loft.  The vast majority of equipment is kept in the storage room, leaving tons of open floor.  A special thanks to Josh “Rambo” A for his welding, grinding and structural expertise.  April will bring 2 shower rooms, plywood walling throughout (for wallballs and HSPUs),  a 40′ pullup/ring structure and more rowers, GHDs, racks,  bars and “functional” tools like tire sled drags.

2 rounds
10 jumping squats with PVC racked behind neck
10 PVC overhead squats
For the next couple of weeks, the whole box will be executing the same WODs as the Affiliate Team to prepare for Regionals (first weekend in May). 
Deadlift:  On the minute, for 10 minutes, execute 3 reps @ 65% 1RM.  Pause with bar on ground for 1 second between each REP.  Focus on exploding up with hips.
Level 2:  5 rounds for total time
              30 Unbroken Swings (55/35)
              Sprint Row 30 seconds
              Rest 90 seconds
Level 1:  3 rounds for total time:
               15 swings (max of 35/25)
               Sprint Row 30 seconds
               Rest 90 seconds
Double up on the rowers.  Second athlete starts their first round (and time) 1 minute after first athlete.  Pair up with similar ability levels.

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