Nutrition and Fitness Consults now Available + Sectional WODs! Friday Mar 26th

FTBB Men’s Third Place:  Scott G.
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 For most, the 2 minute exchanges about massive lifestyle and nutrition adjustments right in the middle of a loud gym just won’t cut it.  We feel we are not able to provide the best guidance in such a short time and with so many distractions.  So, to provide our athletes the opportunity for more focused and personalized attention we’re offering personal nutrition and fitness consults to help you achieve your specific goals.  Read more here.  We’re taking signups for our first consults now.  We’re limiting how many we take each month to provide the maximum attention to each athlete.


WOD:  Gymnastics skill day.

3 stations.  You have 10 minutes at each station to work on your skill.  Each station will have an “as RX’d” challenge.  You get points for how much of each challenge you complete…read more below.  Rotate as the timer goes off.

Station 1:  Handstand holds and handstand pushups.
Station 1 Challenge = max single effort of one of the following: 
  1 point for every 10 seconds of handstand hold against the wall
  5 points for every second of handstand hold off the wall
  10 points for every handstand pushup (feet cannot come off wall until full elbow extention)
You only get one shot at your “point counter” in the 10 minutes.  You can only choose one of the challenges to get points (i.e. you can go for HSPU or  free handstand hold, but not both for points). Practice all 3.

Station 2: Muscle Ups, Ring Dips
Station 2 Challenge = Max of 3 efforts of one of the following:
     1 point for every negative ring dip (must count to at least 2 on the negative part)
     1 point for every band assisted ring dip.
     5 points for every unassisted ring dip
     25 points for every muscle up

Station 3Knees to Elbow, Toes to Bar, Windshield wipers
Station 3 Challenge = Max of 5 efforts of one of the following:
     1 point for every Knee-to-Elbow effort where thighs reach at least parallel to ground (90 degrees)
     3 points for every KTE where knees touch portion of arm
     5 points for every legit KTE (knees hit at or beyond elbows, kipping ok)
     7 points for every toe-to-bar (kipping is ok, bent knees is ok)
     20 points for every full windshield wiper (over and back = 1 rep)

DC Sectional WODs are posted.  Come cheer on Rob, Nicole and Brent!

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