OH for Meegs, Fri, July 30th

Friday’s Warmup:

15 extra PVC shoulder rotations
50 Double Unders
15 PVC Overhead Squats
Warmup Overhead Squat

Friday’s WOD:
Quickly build to a heavy Overhead Squat
This is not an M.E. Just warm up to a solid heavy OHS


Using 75lbs/55lbs, Complete 5 rounds of the following for total reps:
AMRAP OHS in 30 seconds
Rest 1 minute
AMRAP Double Unders in 30 seconds
Rest 1 minute


We’ve had a lot of feedback from our athletes about the
structure and pace of Fundamentals Class. SO, we’ve
changed a few things. Starting this Saturday, at 9:30am,
we proudly present CrossFit TAKEOFF!

This is NOT the same class packaged in a different title.
We’ve cut back on the movements, increased exposure to
the equipment (like KB/DB swings, GHD and ABMAT) and
we’ve thrown in a nice little sample Metcon WOD at the end.

If you know someone interested in starting, but they feared being
bored to death at Fundamentals, the fear can end. Please pass on
the link to our website and to the TAKEOFF! info.

Fight Gone Bad IV is coming! Are you ready?
1. Read the info in the above link
2. Starting Next Monday, we will have a link up on the blog for you
to register as a member of our Affiliate team!

Last year we nearly broke the $1000 mark in support of Athletes
for a Cure and the Wounded Warrior Project. Help make this year HUGE!!


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