OHS, DU – Thursday, 23 April

Thursday’s WOD:

21 Overhead Squat (OHS) – 95lb/65lb
50 Double Unders
15 OHS
50 Double Unders
50 Double Unders
This workout combines elements of 2 of the Qualifier workouts.
Double unders are tough, but keep at it.  It was either double unders or burpees for this workout.  You can thank us later.
I saw some GREAT deadlifts today.  Of note, Brett R. put up 275 3 times (he had difficulties with 215 about a month ago!) Drew put up 350 x 3 with great midline stability.  But, the best performance of the night goes to Jim.  Jim did 3 sets of deadlift then walked out of the gym.  Gym showed athletic maturity.  He did not take any days off, was overtrained, and he recognized it.  He went home to take a mental and physical break from the gym…good on ya Jim.  You’ll come back stronger for it.

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