A sincere thank you to everyone who attended Saturday’s Free WOD and Nutrition Seminar.  Everyone put out an INCREDIBLE effort.  A special thanks to the large Ft Eustis turnout and the Navy representation (including a HARDCORE veteran Navy SEAL).  We saw huge performances by Jean (first ring dips!), Will, Jalpa, Jesse, Sandi, Sheetal, Carol and Brandon.  We even had 15 year-old Beth, who on the day of her high school Homecoming dance, decided to spend the morning working hard with us instead of primping all day…good on ya Beth, great job!

Participants got to choose between two WODs:
1.  Modified Filthy 33
     33 box jump
     33 push press
     33 ABMAT situps
     33 wallball shots
     33 double unders
            Men’s winner:  Rob (5:43)
    Women’s winner:  Kristi (6:33)
2.  “Old and Grey” (in honor of Jeremy’s 33rd birthday on Friday)
     33 double unders
     3 x 300lb deadlift
     3 x muscle ups
     33 x 135lb full squat cleans (women 85#)
     33 double unders
Jeremy: 5:33  as rx’d
Nicole: 8:06   as rx’d
Men’s winner:  Quincy (8:16) as rx’d
Women’s winner:  Traci (closest to rx’d with fastest time) (10:09)
We had a great 2+ hour Nutrition Seminar after the WODs.  We addressed Syndrome X (the deadly quartet of metabolic derangement), Insulin control, Pale/Zone based diet theory and how to address nutrition in a society riddled with inaccuracies, dangerous myths, even more dangerous commercialism and fads.
The next Free WOD and Nutrition Seminar is tentatively schedule for the first Saturday in December

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