One Doc’s Journey. Wed, Sept 22d (100 DOB, Day 84)

3 Days until FGB V. You Ready?

 Elbows high, but more back (compared to the Snatch) during the 3rd pull of the Split Clean.  Elbows back keeps the bar close the the body.

Snatch (see rules below)
2 @ 65%
2 @ 70%
2 @ 75%
2 @ 80%
2 @ 95%
1 attempt at a new 1 RM
Rule a) 20 minute time limit to accomplish all snatches
Rule b) Max of rest 2 min between sets
Rule c) Level 2 must Squat snatch (power snatch to OHS okay).  Level 1 – Power Snatch OK

Rest 3 minutes

2 attempts at max double unders in 5 mins (rest time 5mins btw attempts)
remember your highest round; we’ll test this again soon.


Good story about a doctor who developed Type 2 diabetes,  his journey to cure himself with diet (teaser–it didn’t take long), and his subsequent nutritional research.  Good read.  I think I’m going to stop using the term “low carb.”  There’s such a BS, ignorance-driven stigma attached to it.  I think from now on I’m gonna call it eating an “appropriate carb” diet.


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