One Giant Leap for Richard kind

Friday’s WOD

Completed in teams of 2:
As many rounds in 20 minutes:
1)  2-man deadlift (one bar, two people deadlifting it at the same time) 
 2) 25 shoulder switches (same bar as deadlift, stand at opposite ends of the bar with the bar on one of each person’s shoulders, pushpress/jerk the bar over your heads and switch to the opposite shoulder…repeat for a total of 25 switches).
3) 40 total Buddy get-ups (one person laying, the other standing at their feet, grasp hands and pull your teammate up from the ground, then switch)
Most rounds wins.  Points will be adjusted based on loading of bar:
Heaviest Male/Female load:  Add 3 rounds to your total
2nd Heaviest load: add 2 rounds
Third heaviest: add 1 round
All else:  suck it up.
Way to Go RICHARD!!!!
Richard (10am) started with us exactly 18 WODs ago.  His first WOD with us happened to be on a FGB day…he got 190 points.  For his birthday (Nov 6th) he wanted to re-accomplish  that benchmark WOD.  On his 19th CrossFit workout, Richard put up a 261!! That is a HUGE improvement (not to mention his tremendous body comp change and improvements across all 10 General Fitness Skills).  This is so common for new CrossFit Athletes.  This is for EVERYONE.  EVERYONE deserves to have these accomplishments and to feel this good!


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