Opting Out. Tuesday, May 11th

Deadline to vote is THIS FRIDAY!!!

Complete each of the following tasks within the allotted time.  REST 1 MINUTE BETWEEN EACH EXERCISE.  If you fail to meet any of the tasks, or if you scale to meet the specified reps, then at the end of the WOD, do 50 burpees.

Level 2:
 24 box jumps in 1 minute (24″/20″)
 22 burpees in 1 minute
 28 FULL sledge swings in 1 minute (20lb/10lb) (sledge must go above your head)
 50 Double Unders in 1 minute (no scaling for Level 2)
 25 Wallball shots in 1 minute (20lb-10′, 14lb-8′)
 40 heavy KB/DB swings in 2 minutes (70lb/55lb)

Level 1:
  15 box jump in 1 minute (20″/14″)
  12 burpees in 1 minute
  18 FULL sledge swings in 1 minute (max of 20lb/10lb)
  20 double unders or 100 singles in 1 minute
  15 wallball shots in 1 minute (14lb-10′, 10lb-8′)
  30 KB/DB swings in 2 minutes (max of 55lb/35lb)

“…folks who buy my food are like the Indians–we just want to opt out.  That’s all the Indians ever wanted–to keep their teepees, to give their kids herbs instead of patent medicines and leeches.  They didn’t care if there was a Washington, D.C., or a Custer or a USDA; just leave us alone.  But the Western mind can’t bear an opt-out option.  We’re going to have to refight the Battle of Little Bighorn to preserve the right to opt out, or your grandchildren and mine will have no choice but to eat amalgamated, irradiated, genetically prostituted, barcoded, adulterated fecal spam from the centralized processing conglomerate.”
                                     –Joel Salatin, owner of PolyFace Farms, Swoope, VA

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