Over the HEADge

A special thanks to Juan from CF NYC (the Black Box) for spending 2 weeks WODing with us.  Juan is a perfect example of the incredibly outgoing, friendly and tight-knit CrossFit community.  If you are ever traveling, be sure to check out the Affiliate page for a list of CrossFit boxes where you’ll be.  You WILL feel very welcome no matter where it is.  (in the picture above, Nicole just beat Juan in Angie…I wouldn’t challenge Nicole to a WOD either).

Wednesday’s WOD

Rack a bar with 95#(M) / 65# (W).  Shoulder Press to failure.  Immediately transition into Push press until failure, then immediately transition into Push Jerk until failure.  You will not set the bar down until the Push Jerk are complete.

Rest exactly 5 minutes


1 rep = 1 point.  Highest points wins.  Post points to Comments.
Check out this great new CrossFit workout log online.  I’ve linked this on our main website on the left side, titled Workout Log/Tracker.  I’ve also submitted our gym to be on the log so you can link our workouts directly.
Check our main site for Holiday Hours. 

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