Overcoming Autoimmune Disease. Tues, Aug 3rd (100 DOB Day 34)

Wil “Flo” Flores, City of Hampton F.D.  CFHR Athlete of the Month, July 2010
Wil has become about as close as you can become to a CrossFit ‘evangelist’.  Wil’s remarkable persistence and dedication to both his own Fitness, and to that of the City of Hampton F.D. have paid huge dividends.  Wil embraced Wellness both in and out of the gym.  As a shift-working Firefighter, he battles fires on duty and cooks Paleo meals on shift.  As a Fitness coordinator for the Hampton F.D., “Flo” helped us organize the “Funds for FireFighter Fitness Fundraiser” that outfitted 2 stations with Functional Fitness equipment.  He has made huge gains in all 10 Physical Skills and is still putting up huge PRs in the box.  Wil, thank you for bringing your dedication to lifelong wellness to our box and to the Hampton F.D.

How Many Rounds Can You Complete in 20 minutes:
  5 HSPU
10 Pistols (5L/5R)
15 Pullups

Level 1, adjust pullups to 5 per round, and do stop at 12 minutes


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