Overhead, Mon Aug 10th

Monday’s Warmup

15 hanging kips (swinging back and forth on pullup bar like a kipping pullup…just no pullup)
2 rounds
5 x pushup (3 seconds down, no pause at bottom, explode up, no pause at top)
3 x Handstand pushups
5 x shoulder press (PVC first time through, empty bar second time through)
5 x push press (PVC first time through…)
5 x push jerk (PVC….)
Monday’s WOD
5 rounds for time:
3 shoulder press (95#/65#)
6 push press (95#/65#)
9 push jerk (95#/65#)
Cannot use rack!!
Two videos to watch: Video 1 Video 2 (this one shows Brett Marshall doing shoulder press to failure, then moving to push press to failure, then push jerk to failure. Listen to the dialogue going on…he jerks many of the intended push presses. Work hard to avoid that during your push presses)
Shoulder press: No dip whatsoever. Full lockout at top, ears visible in front of arms.
Push Press: cannot rebend knees to catch (that’s a jerk). Full lockout same as S.P.
Push Jerk: Must stand up fully at end of rep prior to bringing bar back to rack position. Same lockout standards as above
This week’s blog posts will be shorter, but I’ll be back in full production next week.
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I received the below e-mail from Meegs following “Randren” last week. GREAT writeup!

Yesterday’s 1200 class was awesome and I got another 300,000 miles on my
warranty watching the WOD. I could see the initial apprehension / pre
WOD hype going through Ray Pia’s mind – he asked me “think I should do
the Rx’d weight? – seems kind of heavy…” my reply “yep, you can do it,
might take a few more minutes but you got it.” His mind was set –
3-2-1 Go…today I was a spectator, a low-speed cheerleader knocking out
some squats watching the WOD from across the gym. Brutal WOD – 25 Power
Snatches – 75lb / 50 Wall Balls, 20lb 10′ target – 3x rounds for time –
just brutal.
It was in the final round I saw it – Ray changed / he morphed. He
reached that breaking point we have all hit in the WOD and asked
ourselves – “What the hell am I doing??” He slumped over the wall ball,
feet flat on the floor, hands by his side, head against the wall, sweat
dripping – more like pouring onto the ball, chest heaving to pull every
ounce of oxygen from the room. I threw some words of encouragement at
him but did not know if he could even hear me – there was no
acknowledgement . Right then Ray went to the place we dread and the
place we love – in this place lies our drive, motivation, here lies the
triumphs and the scars we carry through life both physical and mental.
It sucks to go there — but here lies strength and heart – but it comes
at a cost …..pain – like the scars we carry it hurts physically and
Right then Ray went there – he picked up the ball and started knocking
down targets – he went deep…and we could all see and feel the pain.
The ball dropped and he started to double over again – he dug and picked
it back up…he finished by knocking out more consecutive wall ball
shots than he thought possible. He fell to the ground in that CrossFit
pose we are familiar with – flat on your back, chest heaving, arms
outstretched, eyes closed.
It was as sight to behold and made me a better CrossFitter, athlete and
person to see it. Next time you are cranking out a WOD and hit the
question “What the hell am I doing?” – remember you inner strength, it
lies there to be tapped – yes it will cost you for nothing is free…but
you will come out a better person on the other side as you lie on the
floor with your eyes closed. For during the crucible of CrossFit, in
the heat of battle, at the bottom of burpee, when the pain hits and you
dig — that is what you really find out what you are made of….not
when it is easy, but when it is hard.
Thanks Ray – that was awesome, well done mein Bruder

Ray P. (also does great artwork…he did the INTENSITY on the wall!)


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