Paleo Desserts and Candy Cigarettes plus KTE demo. Tuesday, Feb 16th

TUESDAY, Feb 16th is the LAST DAY to register for CFHR Affiliate Tryouts.  Register by E-mailing Meegs at!!!!!

CrossFit WOD:
3 Sets of:
   12 Thrusters (120/85)
   Row 500
   Rest 2 min

Exactly 2 minutes after last 500m row:

Tabata Mixup (Go back and Forth between exercises 8 times)
   Jump Switches (Keep weight towards the HEEL of the front foot!!!!  THIS IS CRITICAL)
   KB/DB Swings (55/35)

RX thruster = depth below parallel, fully open shoulder at top (portion of ear showing in front of arm from the side).
Row Damper as desired
Jump Switch – knee lightly grazes the ground, both feet off the ground in the jump
Swings = weight fully overhead (same “arm/ear” standard as thrusters)

With the FTBB contest, we had a huge recipe exchange on the Google Group.  Initially, most of the recipes were “Paleo Desserts.”  Read this article by Dr. Kurt (PaNU) regarding “Candy Cigarettes” and “Paleo” desserts.  Post your thoughts to the comments section of this blog.
We just  tried this recipe in our new dehydrator.  We used way too much salt, but they’ve got huge potential.


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