Palm Oil and Saturated Fats. Thur, July 8th. 100 Days of Burpees – Day 8.

Warmup quickly today make snatch elements part of the warmup.  The total WOD will last 40 minutes including rest periods.  Stick to the rest times closely.  The group you start the snatch with should be the group you start the AMRAPs with. 

From OPT:
Warmup Snatch, then with a 15 minute timer:
Build to a Snatch 1RM  (any kind of snatch).  Strive for locked out arms at top…limit endgame presses.

Rest 10 minutes, then:

5 min AMRAP:
  3 muscle ups  (sub with 6 pullups, 6 ring dips broken up however you want)
  6 box jumps – 30″/24″
  25 unbroken double unders

rest 10 min

5 min AMRAP
  Run 200 m
  1 power clean – 135#/95#
  2 front squat – 135#/95#
  3 push press – 135#/95#


When I first started CrossFit, the most prominent nutritional info in the community centered around the Zone diet. Within the Zone, the most commonly discussed fat (at least for simplicity of examples) was almonds. For 2 years, I ate what seemed like lbs and lbs of almonds every day. I had guacamole and olive oil in copious quantities too, but primarily starchy almonds and cashews. Over the years, as I have researched and learned more about fat sources I have moved farther from the conventional wisdom that saturated fats are bad and monounsaturated fats are king. In fact, most of my fat sources now are are MCT (medium chain triglycerides) saturated fats (the ones solid at room temp). Saturated fats are less susceptible to oxidation (the stuff that makes a fat unrecognizable and damaging to the body…ala heated polyunsaturated fats and seed oils like corn/soy/safflower/sunflower oil). My primarily saturated fats come from animal sources (grass fed meats, butter from grass-fed cows, skin from organic free-range chicken, eggs, etc.) However, there are vegetable sources of saturated fat. The most commonly referenced source in the nutrition circles I hang out in is Coconut (coconut oil, milk, flakes, etc.). However, I’m learning more about Palm Oil. I’m gonna try to hunt down some unrefined whole red Palm Oil and see how I feel on it. In the mean time, here are two readings on Palm Oil: 1) From Whole Health Source and 2) Mark Sisson.

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