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Terry & BJ II from Rudy Nielsen on Vimeo.

Monday’s WOD:
PVC pipe Snatch Practice (20 minutes)
A “friendly” game of medicine ball HORSE (bring your A-game)
-Toss a heavy slamball or med ball into the tire from 5 stations
-Each shot you make, you get a letter
-If you miss, you “get” to perform a task
PLEASE START POSTING YOUR TIMES, SCORES, WEIGHTS, ROUNDS  PROGRESS AND THOUGHTS TO THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THESE POSTS.  It is good to see others’ performances to keep perspective on you own.  This also provides a source for you to compare previous performances (if you don’t have a log book).  

There is a very meaningful statement in CrossFit:  

The Magic is in the movements
The Art is in the Programming
The Science is in the Explanation
It is so easy to get awed and caught up in the complicated exercises of CrossFit and neglect the basics elements that build that :  Clean and Jerks before a solid deadlift, squat or push jerk; push jerk before a solid push press, etc.  You will be rewarded in your future CrossFit endeavors if you continue to reinforce the basic movements (squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, SDHP, medicine ball clean).  Incorporate these as part of your warmup.  Execute squat throughout the day (slow and steady, focusing on refining your movement and posture).  A mature athlete will recognize that they can be Intense yet still be patient in building to more complex movements.  As trainers, we MUST ensure solid basics before pushing complexity.
Read this paper on Virtuosity from Coach Glassman
This week, you’ll see some shorter workouts that are “elemental” and Intense.  We’ll  reinforce the basic movements and apply them to portions of the olympic lifts.  We’ll be using Catalyst Athletics and Greg Everett’s model of WODs for this.

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