PC/JP Wednesday, August 26th

This Week’s Warmup:
DJM+10 squats
2 rounds
10 Swings
10 pushups

WOD Specific Warmup (execute quickly…little rest):
5 x Power Clean empty bar
5 x Power Clean (95/65)
3 x Power Clean (135/85)
15 jumping pullups (see specifics below)

Wednesday’s WOD:
7 rounds for total reps
15 seconds AMRAP Power Clean (135/85)
45 seconds rest
15 seconds jumping pullups
45 seconds rest
Jumping pullups (watch this video): stand on bumpers or a box so the bar
is 6-8″ below your fingertips with your arms fully extended
above your head. Arms must be fully extended at bottom of each rep.
Chin must pass over bar with head neutral at top of each rep.



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