PNF Stretching Review. Monday, April 26th

Shoulders below elbows with straight torso at the bottom of a full range Ring Dip

Weekly Warmup:  The Full Warmup Board

This week is a taper week for the Affiliate Games.  Expect shorter WODs with cycling intensity (i.e. Tue will be short and tough compared to Monday).  Affiliate Team Athletes will do a max of 4 days  this week.
There are 31 teams competing from the region…top 5 go to the games…

WOD (level 1 and 2):

On the even minute (0,2,4,6,8,10):
   6 reps (3L/3R) of 1-arm Dumbbell Power Snatch (3 count down, explode up)
On the odd minute (1,3,5,7,9,11):
   10 reps Box Jump (30in/24in)

Loading for 1 arm Dumbbell Power Snatch is 30-35% of your body weight (this should be challenging…if not, then increase the weight)
-Box jump should be high an challenging

after WOD, on your own, 2 times through of the following:
  AMRAP Handstand Pushups, rest 1 minute
  50 Hip Extensions, rest 1 minute
  10 standing broad jumps, rest 1 minute
  10 1-leg squats (use wall, PVC, etc for support if required)


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