Poison by any other name is still…Mon, Sept 20th, (100 DOB, Day 82)

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 Elbows high and vertical as Nicole starts the third pull (pull under the bar) in a Split Snatch

DJM + 2 minute relaxed Squat Hold + Hip Mobility
3 rounds of:
10 sec cumulative L-Sit
10 pistols (5L/5R)
5 Empty Bar Good Mornings

Halting snatch deadlift. Notice bar pinned to thighs and back set at the top.  DO NOT HUNCH OVER THE BAR WITH A ROUNDED BACK.
Use a 3 second pause at the top 
  3 reps @ 75% of snatch 1RM
  3 reps @ 85% of snatch 1RM
  3 reps @ 95% of snatch 1RM

Snatch Pulls.  EXPLODE!!!
  3 reps @ 65% of snatch 1RM
  3 reps @ 75% of snatch 1RM
  3 reps @ 85% of snatch 1RM

Post WOD Mobility: More Hips and Psoas.  Throw in some shoulder mobility from previous weeks too.

Don’t be misled! The food industry (aka puppet of the Corn Refiners Association…or is that the USDA) tries slight-of-hand by renaming “High Fructose Corn Syrup.” Despite the article’s party-line “in-moderation” crap, the message is not lost–to stay healthy in spite of what’s marketed as healthy, you’ve gotta stay on your toes!


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