"Polish a Diamond, Find a Turd". Monday, July 12th, 100 DAYS OF BURPEES – DAY 12

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage
to continue that counts.”  -Winston Churchill


JoJo mid-burpee on Day 9

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DJM + 2 Skill based elements
4 cone Drill #3 (from this link, scroll over to the video titled “4 Cone Fundamental 3”
The foot movements and patterns are the same as last week, but we turn 180 degrees at each cone prior to starting the next foot movement. 

How Many Rounds Can you complete in 30 minutes (Level 2) / 15 minutes (Level 1) of:

  • 275/190 pound Deadlift, 5 reps
  • 13 Push-ups
  • 9 Box jumps, 24/20 inch box

 This is a long one today. Scale or ask for help scaling appropriately. 


 Here’s a great writeup on the recent thorough discrediting of T. Collin Campbell’s “The China Study.”  The China Study is often referenced as the bible as to why meat is bad for you.  However, as more and more researchers dig deeper in to the raw data that went into writing “The China Study,” more and more inaccuracies, fallacies and poor science are being revealed.  This link by the ever-entertaining Dr. Kurt Harris, contains several embedded links including an exhaustive look at the facts and raw data (Aidan, Alan, Rob, and the shipyard Engineering crew…that’s for you).

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