Power Cleans, Tuesday July 28th

Monday’s Warmup
DJM (i.e. left side of board)
5 x Cartwheels
PVC Burgener Warmup
Warmup Power clean

Monday’s WOD:
Power clean
3-2-1-1 Take only 90 seconds rest between each effort (be done with this in under 10 minutes!!)

rest 5 minutes

For time:
Power clean to Push Press 1, 2, 3, 4…10
Execute the first power clean, let bar sit on ground. Execute two power cleans without breaking. Let bar sit on ground. Execute 3 power cleans without breaking….The goal is not breaking within a set

Rx’d weight is 70% of bodyweight. Must lock out fully at top. Must be push press, not push jerk (don’t rebend knees).

Results for July’s Biggest Loser WOD:

First Place: Team “White Rice” (Ben and Drew) with a smoking combined time of 19:38. They receive 1 point

Second Place: Team “Chocolate” (Rosella and Tori), with a blazing 22:24. They receive 1/2 point.

Third Place: Team “Wii Fit” (Brett O. and Eric B.) with a quick 24:18. They receive 1/4 point.

Congrats to everyone on a job well done. August’s BL Wod will be a Monday!
Some CFHR Athletes getting busy with B-Day WODs!

Kelly Catching Air in a Burpee

Nate Defying Gravity

Check out the Arms on Cheryl! Now that’s a meat eater!!!
Speaking of meat eaters


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