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 Jason Y.  CFHR Athlete of the Month (May ’10)
Jason never fails to impress us.  He dove head-first into functional training and paleo-nutrition.  He rapidly shed fat, gained muscle and constantly provides us feedback as to how great he feelsJason is also a busy guy.  He spends a lot of time traveling as an Air Force officer.  On the road, however, Jason makes his health a priority; he hunts out the nearest CrossFit boxes and finds healthy food sources.  Jason visited 4 CrossFit gyms on his last trip alone.  He constantly challenges himself, encourages others, and epitomizes the heart of CFHR.  Congrats Jason.  Your $50 Gift Certificate to is waiting for you at the box!!!

1. 10 empty bar Good Mornings.
2. Pick 2 items from right side of board (or another skill) you want to work on for 5 minutes.
3. With a partner, Med Ball Drop Drill– 10 drops per partner.  (see description below).

Med Ball Drop is a speed drill done with a partner.  (images courtesy of thanks for the point out Larry.

Partner A holds a med ball or slam ball at chest level to partner B.  Partner B holds his hands on top of the med ball but not touching the ball.

Without warning, Partner A drops the med ball. Partner B squats beneath the ball and catches it with strong squat form (lumbar set, weight in heals).  Partner B, allow depth to go below parallell as you receive the ball.

M.E. Front Squat
  5 @ 55% 1RM
  5 @ 60% 1RM
  5 @ 65% 1RM
  5 @ 70% 1RM
  AMRAP @ 75% 1RM


5 rounds for time (see loading breakout below):
  5 Swings (see loading breakout below)
  5 Ball Slams 20lb/12lb
  Sandbag Sprint (to end of parking lot and back) – 40lb/20lb

Level 1 Swing Loading: 45lb/25lb
Level 2 Swing Loading: 65-70lb/55lb
Challenge Loading (only with trainer permission)” 20lb vest plus 98 lb KB
With challenge loadings:  Brent and Jeremy tie at 6:52

This is a fun head-to-head challenge WOD.  Sprint goes from the farthest garage door to where the driveway seams into the road (change from concrete to asphalt).  Do it outside if weather permits.
If using medicine balls for slamming, please do it inside on the rubber mats.

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