Preventing Type I and Type II Diabetes, Wed, Mar 10th

 Great shot Christine

CrossFit WOD:
10 rounds for time (performed outside except for 5 am class):
12 One-Arm DB Hang Power Snatch (6 each arm) – (55/35)
10 burpees
6 shuttle runs (20 feet)

directions:  2 chalk lines will be drawn.  Stand on one chalk line and perform your hang power snatches. Set the DB down, sprint to the other line (20′ away), slow down as you approach the line, lower your center of gravity as you slow.  Switch directions and run back.  You will make 6 total sprints (3 times down and back) each round.  Avoid lateral momentum over your knee as you switch directions.

Skills – Kipping swing, jumping pull-up, walking lunge
WOD:  3 rounds of:
                Run 200m
                15 steps walking lunge
                10 jumping pullups

 Checkout this great overview of the science and causes of Type I and II Diabetes (WORTH YOUR TIME!) by Dr. Kurt Harris.

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