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3 rounds for time:
  15 Gobblet Squat
  30 DB/KB Swings
  15 Ring Dips

Level 2 use 55lb/35lb for the Gobblet squat and swings
Level 1 use max of 35lb/20lb for Gobblet squat and swings

Post Time to board

POST WOD CHALLENGE:  You get 1 attempt to get the best time you can:

Tire Sled Sprint (facing forward) full length of parking lot, turn around, Sled Drag all the way back (pulling backwards). 
Men load = 50lbs on the tire
Women’s load = 25lbs on the tire

-Tire starts at the very edge of the parking lot just prior to it turning into grass at the back of the building.  Sprint down holding the handles on each side (just like you’re running).  Your back is to the tire. Sprint until the athlete touches the street pavement (just exiting the parking lot entrance)

-Carry the ropes to the other side of the tire (you don’t have to turn it around).  Now have your front facing the tire.  Drag the tire (walking backwards) all the way back until the athlete touches grass/gravel where the workout began.

This video is close to the setup we’ve got.  The first part of this video is what you will do on the way back.  The first part of this video is how you will start the challenge, except DONOT HAVE YOUR ARMS STRAIGHT BEHIND YOU.  You will hold them at your sides, bent, just as if you were running (…because you are running, not walking)

There are 3 tires.  1 or 2 athletes can go at a time.  Just hang out, cheer each other on, and enjoy the challenge!

Thank you Matt for helping me build these at lunch today.


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