Protein Source: Milk or Meat. Plus, how do you cope with a "bad eating" day? Fri, Feb 19th

The word on the wall pretty much sums it up.  Jessica N. takes it to the next level

CrossFit WOD:
150 Wallball Shots For Time:

Rx’d = 20#-10′ (guys) or 14#-8′ (gals)

You can also make up a missed WOD from this week (there were some doozies) or work on skills.

For now, we’re gonna keep the skill sheets as a personal assessment and skill goal setting tool.  We’ll figure out if/how we’re going to test again.

Skills:  Wallball, Box Jump
     21-15-9 of Wallball and Box Jump


A very interesting study regarding milk vs. meat as protein sources.


A common topic in FTBB discussions has been “falling off the wagon” (as Amie put it) or having “bad eating” days.  Read this TOTALLY AWESOME (whoa, like totally 80s dude) post:  “Eat, Rejoice, Repeat.”


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