Qualifier Results, Fundraiser Nutrition Seminar

We’ve still got a few athletes yet to complete the last WOD, so we’ll hold off on officially announcing the results until Monday evening.  I again want to thank everyone for making this weekend’s CFHR Affiliate Qualifiers such a great event.  The spirit, athleticism, camaraderie, and motivation were palpable.  A special thanks to Sandi, Justin and Rob for judging Sunday’s final WOD.  The standards were set high and the athletes met them.  I can attest that there is no worse feeling than having a judge call a missed rep when you’re at your physical limit. 

Our Drive to raise funds for Nicole and the Affiliate Team to travel to the Games has not netted enough yet; but we want to look outside our own gym to generate some donations.  We have calls into media sources and businesses.  However, we’ve got an event planned to hopefully raise enough to cover at least airfare for all participants:

Saturday, June 13th from 9-11am, we will hold a Nutrition Seminar at CFHR.  It is open to the public (i.e., we will publicize and advertise heavily).  The cost is $20 at the door with all funds going to cover travel costs for the CFHR Affiliate team (plus our minimum $200 donation to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation).  We’ll get official flyers e-mailed out tomorrow and we’ll get this one in the local papers.  Please spread the word!  Nicole and I will be fresh off our Nutrition Certification with Robb Wolf, so we’ll have fresh data and answers to the common (and not so common) questions.


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