Random Info and Upcoming Stuff

Great job on a challenging week!

1.  If anyone is interested in helping paint the new space, I’ll be there most of the day on Sunday (after 1pm) painting.  I’ll have plenty of rollers and paint, so just show up.  There’s plenty to do if you’ve got time to pitch in.  I’ll be tackling it over a few weekends, so no rush.

2.  Some upcoming additions we’re looking into:
a.  We’re looking into adding a shower room next to our current bathroom.  This will take some negotiations with the Landlord, so we’ll keep you updated.
b.  A great suggestion by Richard:  we’ll be getting a mini WiFi notebook to keep at the gym so you can post your results on BTWB immediately if you’d like.  If anyone is computer savvy or has knowledge of good deals on these, let us know.  

3.  The Challenge has been set.  Prior to the official announcement and rules of the “CFHR BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE,” we have our first team talking smack.  Team PT (Pain and Torture) consisting of Dave and Jim has declared their intention to run away with title.  The official rules and prize announcements will be made in the coming week.  Start teaming up!!

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