Rick’s 28th B-Day WOD. Sat, Nov 7th

RICK’S 28th B-DAY WOD!!!!
Many will be saying, “DAMN YOU FOR BEING BORN RICK!!!”
Rick’s B-Day WOD
As Teams of 4, complete 280 Thrusters for time.
-Pick your weight (45, 65, 95, 115 or 135lbs) and load 1 bar per team…exceptions listed below.
-An athlete executes X reps of thrusters.
-When he/she can’t do any more, two teammates hold the bar on the sides as the fourth teammate steps under the bar to start his/her reps.
-If the bar ever touches the ground, each team member does 25 burpees.
-If a team wants two weights to scale to ability, then both bars cannot be on the ground at the same time. Example:
A team has a 135lb bar and a 65lb bar (co-ed team). When the guy doing 135lb thrusters needs to rest, he can’t put his bar down until the gal has fully racked the 65lb bar. Same penalty applies if both bars are on the ground at the same time.
Don’t forget, you can take out your anger on Rick at his Birthday Party. Sat night at 7pm. Bring a little food and E-mail courtney at courtspells@gmail.com for directions.

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