Row 2K for Time

Tuesday’s WOD:

Row 2K for time
A very special thank you to Gayle  for making the below video.  Gayle is an inspiration to us.  In 1 year, doing CrossFit and living the principles of sound nutrition and lifestyle, she has dropped nearly 80 lbs! 

Next year, we want MAXIMUM participation from CFHR athletes in the regionals.  You can expect several Virginia affiliate “gatherings” to get prepped for next year.

Thank you all for the many e-mails, flowers and words of encouragement.  Later this week, we’ll shake off the soreness and refocus our thoughts…then the real training begins.  We’ll include elements of Nicole’s training into our daily WODs (as we have been doing for the past few months).  We lean heavily on James Fitzgerald (OPT) up in Calgary for principles in our programming.  He is a masterful coach and athlete (winner of the 1st CrossFit Games) and an all around great guy.  We will continue to incorporate his methodology of CrossFit programming (including the heavy weighted metcons) into your daily WODs.  Later this week, I will do a write up analyzing my performance this weekend–things i’m proud of, things i could have done different/better, and my road ahead.

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