Rowing Form Fixes and Words of Encouragement, Thursday, Feb 11

DAVE AND JASON (9am) in last Friday’s TEAM WOD

This Sat, head out to Granby High School for the 12th annual Erg Pull (indoor rowing competition) to cheer on the CFHR competitors. Directions and Details are HERE
REMEMBER, IF YOU INTEND TO TRY OUT FOR THE CFHR AFFILIATE TEAM, YOU MUST E-MAIL MEEGS (MEGERJ@GMAIL.COM) PRIOR TO FEB 16TH. There was an extra “e” in Meegs’ e-mail in the announcements section. Please ensure your e-mail goes to

CrossFit WOD:

Front Squat: warm up front squat THOROUGHLY prior to 65%
Rest, then accomplish
50-40-30-20-10 sets of
Double Under
Situps (Rx’d = anchored ABMAT….Rx’d plus = GHD….any takers?)
multiply jump rope by 3 if doing singles.
Joe (on the left) bends his elbows early (prior to full leg drive and prior to engaging the shoulders). This reduces the energy transfered from his legs to the paddle and turns the row into a very difficult upper-body endeavor. Lauren (on the right), appropriately maintains full arm extension throughout leg drive. She engages her shoulders and slightly extends her hips at the back of her stroke prior to finally bending her elbows. Lauren’s technique is much more efficient.
We’re at the halfway point for the Fit-To-Be-Bare contest. There’s $1000 in cash to split between the 2 winners. There has been INCREDIBLE progress from the contestants. We asked the contestants to go 100% strict Paleo/Primal in their eating for 9 weeks to assess how they look, feel and perform compared to their normal diet. They’re experiencing the challenge of feeding and watering themselves in a society built around industrial food production…NOT health. I feel the best part about this contest so far is the dialogue, exchange of ideas and exchange of recipes on the google group. Over the next couple of days, i’ll share some of the inspirational posts that have been popping up.
I encourage everyone from the FTBB group and at CFHR to start sharing your motivation, encouragement, recipes, and feelings on the comments section of this daily blog. Today’s post comes from Eric B. in response to one of our contestants needing some encouragement. Specifically, having an “off” day and struggling to maintain sight of the whole picture.

“I just wanted to tell my story regarding this little adventure. I
started Crossfit about 11 months ago and have to say it is the best
workout regimen I have ever done. The gains (and losses) have been
awesome and at nearly 41 I believe I am in the best shape I have ever
been in. Lets just say Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t handing me a
President’s Physical Fitness award back in the day.

When the FTBB challenge started I had been eating about 50% Paleo so
my transition into this wasn’t that painful. The awesome part of this
is just how much difference eating 80% Paleo has done. This year I
have been doing a lot of traveling for work and putting in a lot of
hours. Exercising has not been on the top of my list, so I have been
eating Paleo like a Mark Stinsson Koolaider much to the chagrin of the
people I work with and my wife and kids for that matter. No one seems
to understand and I am forever getting the “you’re a freak” look.
Here is my conclusion to that: whether it is changing your diet,
paying off debt, or starting a new business there are plenty of people
who are going to try and knock you down simply because they fear your
success. I know how good I feel, both mentally and physically, and
there simply is no denying the change. This morning’s WOD was my
first in nearly three weeks, and while it wasn’t all that pretty I
cranked it out and to semi-quote a pet food commercial, “it must be
the Paleo.”

For comparison, today at lunch I went out with a friend of mine and he
wanted to go to Chipoltes. I had never been and thought whats the
worst it could be, I’ll get some chicken. Well I did get chicken and
it was stuffed with white rice. Yep, I ate it and I can tell you I
can feel it down there like a big old brick and I am MSG tired. You
know the tired you feel after Thanksgiving dinner? Lesson learned. I
talked about eating Paleo and the changes I was seeing…got the blank
stare and the crickets chirping.

The main thing is don’t give up and don’t give in.


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