Sat Jan 2nd


CrossFit team WOD:
As teams of 4:
2 rounds of
2-person 400m log/bag carry
Max Overhead (75/55)

Here’s how it works:
2 team members carry a log around the building (400m course). Meanwhile, the other 2 members are executing Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk (whichever)
Guys will carry a log. Ladies will carry the red heavy bag.
The WOD is 2 rounds, so each person will end up carrying the log/bag twice and executing the overhead movement twice (There will be 4 total log/bag carries per team)

For each log/bag carry, the team with the fastest 400m split time gets 8 points.
Each overhead rep = 1 point.

So, if one team has the fastest split on all 4 carries, they would get 32 extra points beyond their overhead rep points.


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