Schmaltz, it’s what’s for Dinner. Wed April 14th

Lauren just at the initiation of the third pull (the pull under the bar) during “Randy.”  Notice the bar close to her body (her shirt got brushed up by it.  Strong position.
15 min AMRAP
    5 Thrusters (Level 2: 135/95   Level 1: 75/45)
    5 Barbell rollout
    Sprint 50m

post WOD optional work:
   50 Hip Extensions
  6 sets of 3 weighted pullups executed on the minute (pick a tough weight…one that makes the third rep challenging).  Use a vest to help with loading (all slots filled = 20lbs, each bag is .5 lbs…PUT ALL BAGS BACK IN THE VEST WHEN DONE!!!!!!)
Dig past the sarcasm (acutally, revel in it) and enjoy this Dr. Eades post:  science, cynicism and telling it like it is…I love it.  Mom, why didn’t we ever have schmaltz growing up?

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