Sectionals Photos, Tuesday March 30th

Just under 2 weeks left until the City of Hampton Fire Dept Fundraiser. This is a HUGE event for us and the Hampton F.D. If you haven’t yet, please checkout the webpage (click photo below) and print out a donation collection form and start getting some pounds sponsored!


Overhead Squat:
5 @ 50% 1RM
5 @ 65% 1RM
3 @ 75%
2 @ 85%
1 @ 95%
1@ 101%

Rest, then:

Tabata mixup (alternate exercises EACH ROUND)
  Dumbbell Crosschops (do all one side 1st round, then switch sides in next round)
  Unanchored ABMAT situps

Weight for Crosschops is up to you.
Skill level 1 will only do 6 rounds of tabata and loading will not exceed 20# (men) / 12# (women) for crosschops.

Nice work!

A special thanks to Josh, Kevin and Jim for taking down the pullup bar this weekend.  Josh is off at a tactical shooting competition this week.  He’s been training hard at CFHR for 5 months in preparation for this event.  We look forward to his triumphant return and plenty of good stories.


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