Sept Athlete of the Month. Friday, Oct 1st (100 DOB Day 93)

CFHR Athlete of the Month, Sept 2010: Jen W.  
Congrats Jen on your tremendous Transformation so far. This is hard work in the box, dedication to nutrition, rest and stress-control outside the box, and a supportive group of friends at CFHR. The Athletes and Coaches take notice of your dedication and motivation.  Keep up the great work!!  Your $50 Gift Certificate to is waiting for you at the box.
Complete all sets within 20 minutes
Level 2 must squat clean (Power to Front Squat is OK)
  2 @ 65%
  2 @ 70%
  2 @ 75%
  1 @ 80%
  1 @ 90% 
  1 @ 95% 
After 95%, athletes attempt a 1RM for the day.  If you make it, keep going up.  If you fail, you’re done with cleans…go onto next part.
Retest- 2 attempts at max double unders in 5 mins

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