Skill Day or Sat WOD, Fri Dec 11th

CrossFit WOD:

Skillday – pick a skill or multiple skills you are working on: Squat Snatch, Muscle up, Kipping Pullup, HSPU, etc. Today is your day to refine your skills and build towards specific skill-based goals you’ve posted on the wall. The trainers are there to assist and provide guidance in refining those skills.
If you cannot make Saturday’s WOD, you can do it today. Trainers’ focus will primarily be on those working on Skills. For those athletes executing the Sat WOD today, setup and timing will be on your own.
Saturday’s WOD:

As teams of two, complete 5 rounds of the following for total reps:

1 min AMRAP jumping pull-ups
1 min AMRAP burpees
1 min AMRAP Double unders
1 min AMRAP Empty bar push press
1 min AMRAP air squats
Both athletes on the team execute the exercises. Team score = sum of total reps. Both athletes can work at the same time, but someone from the team must ALWAYS BE MOVING….both cannot be resting at the same time.
Snatch Intro Day:
1. Burgener Down-Up
2. Elbow Drill
3. Muscle Snatch
4. Overhead Squat review
5. Pressing Snatch Balance
6. Heaving Snatch Balance
7. Hang Squat Snatch
Lots of parties and events coming up next week. Please check the Announcements section for updates starting Saturday. Quick Look: Dec 18th Holiday Party at Gabi and Mike’s. Dec 19th Nutrition 101, then Holiday Party at Jim and Diane’s.


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