Sleep Posture. The Key to a Good Night Sleep? Tuesday, July 6th – 100 Days of Burpees Day 6!

 If you’ve got a picture of you or someone else doing burpees for the challenge, please send it our way to post.
 A Rare Pic.  Doug without any broken bones!!

L1 & 2
For time:
  5 clean and jerk – 185#/135#
  10 chin ups
  10 clean and jerk – 135#/95#
  20 chin ups
  15 clean and jerk – 95#/65#
  30 chin ups

Scale load as necessary.  Any style clean and jerk, just ensure you stand fully with bar locked out overhead prior to lowering it.  You can break as required (not unbroken).

I can clearly correlate good nights of sleep to specific sleep postures.  I always fall asleep on my back, but if I have a restless sleep (get to bed late, have an early alarm set, etc..) , I tend to wake up on my stomach.  If my sleep is restful, i’ll generally wake up still on my back or on my side.  Just one more way to become more in-tune with your body and wellness.  Mark Sisson goes in-depth with sleep posture.

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